Monday, July 13, 2009

What A Day....

Some Highlights For Today:
  • It's been about 75 degrees, sunny, breezy (but not too breezy) and gorgeous outside.
  • I got my first cucumber today from the garden and Happy Girl has "called it".
  • Princess Happy has her last T-Ball game for the season tonight and her coach is taking the team (13) out for Ice cream to "celebrate" the season. (I personally think he is celebrating that it is over. Managing (13) 4 & 5 year olds has to be enough to drive anyone to drink or at least celebrate that it's over with chocolate ice cream.)
  • I did a real life "Farm Town" style swap with a friend who swapped cabbage, radishes, & Mint Jelly for some zucchini, squash, Cherry Jam, and a cuke. (No, it isn't the same one that Happy Girl "Called".)
  • One of the kids from up the street came over to play with the Princess. (The highlight isn't that she came over, it's that she just went home.)
  • I won 2 tickets to an Indian's game thru the Strongsville Library reading program AND Happy girl won 2 tickets to an Indian's game. We now have vouchers for 4 waiting for us to pick up at the branch. I'm not a huge fan to go but it is something Mr. Happy and Happy Girl enjoy doing together. Now they get to go twice! Yay! I'm holding out for the gift cards to Target, Borders, and Panera they said they were offering.
  • And speaking of Mr. Happy - He helped me grocery shop and run Happy Girl to her lesson today. That was a HUGE help especially since we explored the new GE at Parmatown. The princess got the play in the Eagle's nest and we had some "quality time" together. Ahhh - just like when we were dating!

And tomorrow - I have a list almost like it. I hope it will be just as satisfying!

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