Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I'm so happy. I get to go scrap tonight. An evening. With friends. Without Children. Without Hubby. YAY! I'm so happy! I might actually finish my vacation book tonight. (I'm very close to done - I think I only have about 6 - 8 pages left to do.)

I love to scrap but I've decided I hate to scrap by myself. It's more fun to get in a group and b/s about stuff. I have a wonderful scrapping room downstairs. It has a lot of room and I probably own most of the "toys" out there to fill it. I'd like it to be better organized. I wish it was painted a pretty color. But when it get's down to it, I really don't need that in order to be productive. I just need to get down there and get working. I try to work a year behind so that I have time to pick up supplies that I use when they are on sale. It also gives me some breathing room so that I don't feel like I'm being pressured to get it done NOW. (I probably should put a little pressure on myself or else I don't get anything done ~ LOL) I'm also not worried that I'm going to miss a picture (like this one) if I scrap it too quickly.
(This is one reason I love to scrap - imagine displaying this page at her graduation party! giggle!)

I also try to do them in chronological order or chronologically by child. In this case, I will scrap this adorable tea party (Thank you Lazymama-Designs for the awesome picnic cloth bag which holds the tea party stuff perfectly!) in the Princesses book. (Even though I'm temped to keep this layout in my book because my hubby looks so cute playing with the girls. (I'm still surprised he isn't dressed up - at least with a crown.)

And lastly - I scrap because my children utter such gems at the strangest of times.

"Does this floaty make my butt look big?"
~ Happy Girl 7/9/09

(Note: Its also why I am blogging. It's becoming a great tool to help me remember!)

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