Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Conversation with a 4 year old at 10 PM at night...

Me: "Goodnight sweethear.....wait. (gasp)What did you do Princess? Did you cut your hair?"

Princess Happy: "Yes. (Starts crying)"

Me: "Where did you cut your hair?"

Princess: "Downstairs. In your scrappin room"

Me: "Please show me."

Princess: "Are you mad, please mommy, are you mad? Ohhhhhhhhh - your mad. I can't stand it, your mad.....whaaaaaaaaaaaa"

(This litany was wailed thruout the house as we walked to the basement to my scrapbooking room)

We arrived in the scrapping room to find several LARGE chunks of hair laying on the floor by her art desk. The biggest chunk missing is right in her bang area and will take several months to grow out (Hopefully, in time for school pictures) Needless to say, I'm not happy at this point. We cleaned up the hair, confiscated her scissors and took her back to bed. Our conversation continued.

Me: "What made you think you should cut your own hair?"

Princess: "Well, (sob) I didn't want you to take me to the evil hair shop again where they would do mean things to me like they did when I was a baby and make me cry....(sob)"

Me: "Princess, Mrs. Michelle is not mean and she doesn't work at an evil hair shop. If you wanted your hair cut, we could take you to see her."

Princess: "Oh No! Now I'm gonna be bald like daddy....whaaaaaa"

Me: "No, you won't. But now you can't complain if I have to pull your hair into a pony tail. I think we've had enough talk for one night. Goodnight princess. Sweet Dreams!"

Princess: "Good night mommy!"

I hope she didn't dream about the evil hair shop or being buzzed! I'll try to post a picture today before I do her hair. She really did a job on those bangs (that we've been growing out for about 7 months now)
Edited to include picture!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Conversation with a 4 year old at 10:00 pm at night...

Princess Happy: "I'm wearing underpants"
Me: "Yes Princess, I see you are wearing panties"
Princess Happy: "I call them underpants not panties"
Me: "I know you call them underpants. I call them panties when they are girls and underwear when they are boys"
Princess Happy: I have fairies on my underpants. How come you don't have anything on your underpants?"
Me: "Because they are Ladies panties and not kid's panties. Why? What should I have on my underpants?"
Princess Happy: "I think you should have pictures of vacuums and grocery lists on your underpants. Oh! and car keys because you drive a lot. Maybe some dishes because you wash them and some cooker pans because you are the cooker in our house."
Me: "Giggle, maybe I should suggest those to the companies that make "mommy panties".
Princess Happy: "Okay - but I still want fairies and princesses on mine. Even when I grow up"

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Been A While....

It's been a while since I've written. I've never been a consistent writer to begin with. (I guess the date of my last entry just reaffirms it.) So here I am - trying again to narrate my life. I'd like to say not much is going on, but I have a bazillion pictures I need to upload that say differently. Let me see if I can run down the list:

Since April 7th, we have:

Had my brother & his family out for Easter.

Went on a field trip with the Princess's preschool to the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center.
(I loved the planetarium!)

Fought with landscapers who were supposed to come and repair my lawn after the Electric Co. tore it up last fall. (I also discovered the city isn't interested in helping with this.) I ended up paying to have it fixed myself.

Went to Happygirl's Spring concert and watched her perform a solo. (Mr. Ferrante, the high school music teacher, mentioned that he can't wait till she gets to the high school so he can be her teacher)

Was drafted into a board position to the Princess's preschool only to discover that it is unlike any board position I've ever had and that they really only want people for the "free" labor that the school needs/wants. (Haven't decided which it is so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt) I have since resigned and enrolled the Princess into another preschool that offers a Pre-K class that would better suit her.

I've attended the Princess's Dance Recital - which was WAY better than the chaos that was promoted as the "Winter recital". There were a few snafu's (Mostly including "fake" hair and guests that don't place importance on being on time but prefer to sit and bs while my family is waiting for them to leave) but overall it was good.

The girls have started playing Softball & T-ball. So far, so good. Happygirl's team is really exciting to watch and she has pitched a few games. Princess Happy has decided that all her cool dance moves are totally adaptable to t-ball. They are a cute bunch and one boy was heard to describe the infield as a "desert" during one hot and sunny practice. The hilight of all the games are when they get to run the bases as a team and the snack.

Princess Happy has been to "Princess Camp" at ATB. It was a neat program that lasted a week. She learned a few princess specific dances, made a few crafts that had plenty of glitter, had a few healthy snacks, and practiced her good manners ("no thank you, I don't want any a-scusting vegetables") I - during that time - got to finish a few crochet projects since I wouldn't leave. (Just in case her highness needed someone to "wipe her butt" I just feel that Princess Miss Mo doesn't get paid enough to wipe 24 girls' behinds daily)

Happygirl has volunteered two weeks out of her summer to help instruct Kindergardeners on safety. Safetytown has been good for her. I'm very proud of her for giving of her time - especially when I know that she would rather have slept in instead of waking at 8:00 am each day. Today is the "graduation ceremony".

I've also gotten in touch with my "inner farmer". It all started with Farm Town on Facebook. I had so much fun that I decided to take a patch of weeds and plant a vegetable garden. After Squire's Four Season's came out and prepped the area, I planted (9) tomato plants, (6) pepper Plants, (4) english cukes, (18) Sugar snap pea plants, (6) squash plants - 3 zuccini, 3 summer, (2) White eggplants, a basil plant, a rosemary plant, and a cilantro plant. I've surrounded this with a flat of yellow marigolds and a short bunny fence. So far, most of the vegetables are doing well except for the snap peas, one cuke plant, and the rosemary. I think the peas are still deciding if they want to grow. Everything else has either blossoms, small fruit, or a combo of both. I have also made the mistake of killing all the plants around my pond and deck while trying to kill the grass that has invaded the beds. (Note - only the plants have died. The grass is thriving!) So now I am replanting those areas - slowly.

The Princess and I have also been strawberry picking with Lazymama & family. We've made freezer jam with the results. I haven't actually tasted mine yet because we are still enjoying the pint that Gretchen gave us. I hope it's as good. Especially since I made a lot more than what we'll use and I want to give some away. (I'm holding off until I can taste it)

The girls and I have also started trying new cuisine. So far we have tasted Thai & Middle Eastern. I like it, Happy Girl likes some of it, and the princess just stuck her nose in the air at the Thai restaurant . (Same with "MrHappy's Momma" when presented with Loobi & Pilaf from Aladin's)

We've ALL had a few playdates with friends (Scrapping, swimming, car shows, dinners, book clubs - to name a few) and we've also started catching up with a few things that have been put off (waited for more time to do them - housekeeping, dr/dentist appoitments) So far it's been busy, but it's been fun.