Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What do I write about?

What do I write about? Hmmmm - very good question. Should I write about how I got most of Mt. Washmore done and almost all put away? (YAY!!! Clean gotchies for everyone. No more Commando!!!) Should I write about a meeting with the loan officer at our bank because we are thinking about refinancing our home (that we've only lived in for 2 years) because interests rates are really low now? (I mean REALLY REALLY low now.) Should I write about the crappy weather and how I slid all over the road today just trying to meet a friend who made some awesome burp clothes for me to give as a gift?

Nah.... I think I will touch upon the impromptu party that happened in our home this evening. I left the house about 4:45 pm with Mr. Happy slumbering peacefully (if not quietly) in his chair, Princess Happy playing polly pockets in her bedroom, and Happygirl doing homework in the dining room. (Yes, she has a desk but I guess she can't do 7th grade algebra correctly without listening to her dad snore. - Go figure!) I came back from picking up the gift and Grandma Happy's meds (that we ran out of and NEEDED to take at dinner tonight) and we had a house full of girls. Happygirl invited a friend from school over to play (this was expected since she did ask permission first) and to eat dinner with us. While Happygirl and schoolfriend were out playing in a mound of snow - freshly created by the local snowplows - a few neighbors decided to join them. So now we have Happygirl, Princess Happy, and Schoolfriend out playing in the snow with our "up the street neighbors" which conveniently one of them has the same first name as Happygirl. (Yes it's interesting trying calling my child in for dinner. If I'm not careful - sometimes I get the wrong child.) So Upthestreetgirl and her sister Princess Upthestreet came over to play with our group. Then the princesses saw me pull in the driveway and decided that they were too cold. (They are only 4 and 5 and it is pretty cold - so to me it seems a reasonable request) So I have them come in while I'm preparing dinner. Mr. Happy decides this is the PERFECT time to go snow plow the driveway and I'm left trying to entertain two preschoolers and make dinner at the same time. I'm in a hurry to make dinner for a few reasons. Grandma Happy has diabetes so she has to eat around the same times each day because of her meds. Also - Schoolfriend's parents are picking her up around 8 - ish and I would hate for her to miss dinner or have to wolf it down before she leaves. Also - and this one is the MOST important one of all- I'm hungry. So I called the big girls in to watch the little girls - and ended up with 2 more guests for dinner. While Upthestreet girl is calling home to see if she and Princess upthestreet are allowed to stay - their older sister (Who is Happygirl's age) decides to come down for a visit. Now I have 3 extra guests. I ended up making a kid friendly meal and Happygirl and Princess Happy ended up having a party. The adults had dinner in the dining room, the kids ate in the kitchen - but things were still pretty loud. After dinner and dessert (I made homemade Hot chocolate pudding for 8 - the kids decided to divide and clutter. It was 8:00 pm at this point so I wasn't doing anything else except watch American Idol (One of the few TV shows I enjoy watching). So Mr. Happy got to wander through the house and take care of the chaos while I watched TV (Mark your calendars - this doesn't happen often) After 4 extra girls - it probably won't happen again anytime soon. It was crazy - and chaotic. (Princesses don't like to clean up after themselves and neither do the big girls.....) It was also fun. but I'm hoping that if we do get a snow day tomorrow - that it won't be repeated. Give me a few days ladies before you crash upon my doorstep. I'm old and I need to take breaks in between these wild parties. Besides - it will probably take me that long to put away all the polly pockets, dress-ups, and fake food that migrated all over the house while Mr. Happy was "Supervising".

(P.s. - does it make me an official blogger because I now have "2" posts? Let me know.)

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