Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Days

The phone rang at 6:00 am this morning to announce that school was cancelled for the day. Of course, Happy girl was already up, showered, dressed, and putting make up on before she heard the news. (I'm secretly hoping that she will rethink the whole "getting up at 5" thing because of this. ) I, of course, didn't sleep after that either. I had to put the news on to see if Princess Happy's preschool was cancelled today. After watching for about 40 minutes, I gave up looking for Strongsville Schools and went looking for coffee instead.

Happy girl had already made croissants (for everyone) for breakfast and was curled up on the couch watching MTV with a cup of tea. She announced that she had already looked for the princess's school and that it wasn't closed. (Sheesh - had I known she was this on top of things, I would've stayed in bed much later. Especially after watching the princess run to her sister first for hugs, kisses, and cuddles this morning.) Happygirl then ran off her list of chores that she did already and asked if there were anymore. Since she did such a good job - I let her off the hook for the vacuuming and told her she could have her friend from school come with us to run errands today. (Yes - I'm psycho. I take my kids out in sub-zero temperatures to go shopping.)

After we confirmed that the princess did have school, we dropped her off, and went to the mall to "look". It was a quick trip (since preschool is ONLY two hours) but we managed to find boots and candle stuff. We also managed to try on all the makeup at Sephora. (Two Teenage Girls + Free Makeup = ~Bliss~)

After we picked up Princess - we decided to go to the movies and use a gift certificate to see a movie we all wanted to see. The movie was decent (even if it wasn't falling down funny like the critics said).

Not a bad way to spend a snow day. I've heard we've got another for tomorrow. If it goes as well as today - that is just fine with me.

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