Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something different

Since I'm so new to blogging, I'm going to take a page out of my friends blog and just write a few things that I appreciate today.

  1. Being the helper (again) at Princess Happy's preschool. Even though I felt like I wandered into another dimension, it was good to meet new people.
  2. American Idol - the end of the auditions. Next week they are going to Hollywood week. Heh heh.....Now it REALLY begins.
  3. Meeting friends at the mall for a desperately needed play date after waiting out 3 trains and traffic and not having to leave right away when Happy girl called to say she was staying after school for a Yearbook meeting. (Note: Yearbook was discussed the night before- before I made any plans - and was pronounced to be "too boring" to stick around for. Ahhh - the teenage quickly it changes.)
  4. Discovering that I actually like television and that there is SOMEthing interesting to watch out there (other than Clean House & American Idol) - Disclaimer: Anyone reading this that likes the new FOX shows "Fringe" and "Lie To Me".....Any show that I am even remotely interested in WILL be cancelled within the first 10 shows. If you like this show and would be interested in it's continuation.....Forget about it. I just seriously jinxed them. Does anyone remember "Boston Public", "Joan of Arcadia", and last years "New Amsterdam"? Yup - that was ALL me baby! Wahoo!
  5. Recovering my google password. It's difficult to update a blog if one can't log onto it. (Stupid Java update!)
  6. Discovering a sale for both my girls at the above mentioned mall. 15.00 hoodies (since I am sick of seeing the same two rotated and worn -to death- almost daily - I was able to purchase 3 more with a surprise hoodie/sweats set to be given for valentine's day.) 5.00 Long sleeve fleece nightgowns in a size (or two) larger for my princess who never hesitates to remind me when I wear a nightgown how much she loves them and misses wearing them since it became winter. A bonus....I got an additional 10% off because of my store card. I was also able to pick up a cute hoodie/sweat set for the princess for under 12.00 (with an additional 10% off that too.) She will be wearing the gowns for at least another year or two since they are a bigger size than she wears now. The princess was THRILLED to take her shower and put on her new warm cozy gown. Happy girl practically knocked me over to hug me when she saw the three hoodies, 1 new camisole and 1 new purple striped T shirt on her bed. I am "ALMOST" the best mother in the world. (I might have that tattoo'd somewhere so that I can moon her when she tells me how awful I am...)

Okay - my last positive thing.....I'm off to bed for a good night's sleep. Night!

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