Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random thoughts for the day

1.) I was totally surprised by the amount of snow we got. (shocked is more like it) When Mr Happy called to check out our itinerary, I was surprised because I hadn't been upstairs to see what a mess it was outside. Our plans were cancelled because we couldn't get the car out of the driveway. I'm also grateful to my neighbor across the street for driving Happygirl and all the other middle schoolers to school instead of making them wait in a snowdrift for the bus to pick them up. Thanks Amy!
2.) Didn't have much to do today because I planned to be out of the house most of the morning and to have company afterwards. The house was clean, laundry was mostly done, and I was (dare I say it?) caught up. I read a whole book (Thanks Mr. Happy for letting me get to the library on Monday "BY MYSELF". I am totally stocked up!) played some games with the princess (although none of them involved laundry and standing on a chair - LOL), read a few books with her, and then watched her take a 4 1/2 hour nap that refused to be interrupted by "dinner". Needless to say - Now she's up and ready to go and I'm tired from doing "nothing" all day.
3.) Saw some television tonight. Love the show "Lie to Me". Happygirl hates watching with me since I can guess the plot. Ha Ha HAH!!! Maybe she will take this as an omen about lying......
4.)I'm worried about my MIL. She seems so much more disoriented lately. Yesterday at the foot doctor - she complained of pain in her right foot because her toes were curling up tight and it hurt to manipulate them. He then explained to her (I was sitting next to her so I heard and saw EVERYTHING) that he would numb the foot, make a small incision on the bottom of the foot by each toe and this would do something to help manipulate the toe. He would only do two toes at a time -three weeks apart. She seemed to understand, watched him do this, and had a detailed discussion of it in the car with me on the way home. Today - she can't understand why her foot hurts and is shocked that the Dr. did something to her toes. She was horrified that he cut her foot. My hubby and I were there checking her bandage and all we could do is look at each other. This gloomy weather is not good for her. When the sun is shining, she is more "in the world" and can have a reasonable conversation (at least what limited hearing and limited vision will allow) otherwise she lives in this "bubble" that only she understands what is going on - and it isn't always current or relevant to any conversation being had. I'm very worried for her. I might make an appointment to talk to the nurse practitioner privately to see what I should be watching for.
5.) I started scrapping my TSO pictures. I found some neat paper that isn't very christmassy -is in all the same colors as the light show of the concert. I am almost done with my 2007 pictures. So now I have to make a few title pages and year in review page. Then I can work on January 2008. It's a minimal month for pictures so it shouldn't take too long. I don't take a lot of pictures in February either. So - I should be able to get caught up to where I want to be in a few evenings.
6.) I am praying for a school day tomorrow. If we have a snow day - it might interfere with my plans for the afternoon. (Which reminds me - I have to get my yarn ready. I also have to make Play dough for school tomorrow.)

Otherwise - not much happening around here. If it does end up being a snow day tomorrow, I will make my play dough, scrap my pictures, and possibly put up some Valentine's decorations.

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