Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day - The Weekend...

Yes, it says Valentine's "Day" but for us it is more of a weekend this year. A LONG weekend. It started Thursday when I was the helper at preschool. It was cute to watch 3 and 4 year olds grasp the concept of "LOVE". One child didn't want to give valentine's to any one else but her "Bestest Friend in the World". So the concept was explained that all of our friends should be loved (at least at school from 12:15 - 2:15) equally.

On Friday - we had the pleasure of having 7 3 & 4 year olds over from Dance class (and one that I hope someday will be in our dance class since they are so cool) to share valentines, food, & conversation. The party turned out to be really fun (and heavily loaded with chocolate & treats). I am truly amazed (and slightly awed) that all the girls were able to get along so well. I look forward to doing this again sometime in the summer when they can play outside as well. (Marga - tini's on deck anyone?)

Saturday - despite the glitch of my car not starting it went well. (Somehow my hatch was opened on Friday and left open for 3-4 hours before my departing guests noticed and told me. My battery was drained but I didn't know it until 5 minutes before it was time to take my MIL to the beauty shop on Saturday) Mom was visibly relieved that she didn't have to leave the house, and I wasn't too panicked because I didn't actually have to be anywhere critical. The day was spent peacefully picking up and reading a love story. Later that evening - Mr. Happy and I went to dinner, the movies, and then out for coffee. The dinner was good, the movie was excellent, and the coffee was "Blessedly" decaf.

Sunday - Even though I am starting to feel really nauseous from all the extra goodies, I'm excited for Happy girl and her friends to have their slumber party tonight. Happy girl and her friends have very definite ideas on what a slumber party for 13 year olds MUST consist of: Heart Shaped champagne goblets with their names written on them, Sparkling grape juice Punch, Pizza (Preferably shaped into a heart) Paper hearts completely decorating the upstairs, and of course home made strawberry cupcakes personally baked and decorated by Happygirl and friend the night before while babysitting Princess Happy. I'm on my way in a few to pick up a few things from the store:

Pink Plates, 7 up, stuff to decorate the paper hearts, Breakfast items, and Tums (for me).

It has been a "LOVE"-ly weekend.

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