Monday, November 15, 2010

What's Happening?

It's been a while. Way too long actually. I've started a few posts but just decided they weren't publishable. I've ignored my computer but am now making more of an effort. I started with Facebook since more of my friends are there. I like the idea of it, but sometimes it was just too much to manage. Playing the games was a HUGE time waster and completely stressed me out when I multi-tasked it into my day. I think giving up Cafemom, Cafe World, and Farm Town has helped make the difference. Instead of sauteing and planting online, I cooked at home and gardened in the back yard. This way I was feeding my family and getting in a little more exercise. Facebook has more of a mix of friends with none of the bitchiness that happened frequently on Cafemom.

We are still working on managing MIL's care. I have a little more help now that she goes to the Senior Center twice a week. One of my SIL's comes and gets her for lunch, and someone takes her to church also. I've been using this time to grocery shop, run general errands, have a little family time, and help out at the Princess's school. She (the Princess) started Kindergarten in the fall and is doing well. She likes school but you can tell that it's a lot for her. It's all day/Mon - Fri. By Thursday she is tired. Very, very tired. She is also still dancing once a week. Right now we think this is about all she can handle.

Happy Girl started high school this year. She's been working hard as well. She ALWAYS seems tired. She isn't playing a sport this fall since she went up a level in all her classes. (We asked her not to play anything until second quarter. We wanted her to get a firm idea of what her work-load looked like before she had to add time management to the mix.) She missed it but used the time to work on grades AND her social life. There were football games to go to, parties to attend, and sleepovers to arrange. It's been wild around here. (Maybe that's why she is so tired. LOL!) She's managed to overdo some of it and push a few boundaries as well. I know teens are supposed to do this but some of it has been BEYOND what is acceptable and she's been grounded as a result. I hope her brain finishes rewiring itself soon. It's been so stressful for ALL of us.

As for myself, I've been trying to keep up with everyone else. I still struggle with balancing everyone else's needs since they are so different from each other. I'm managing but it isn't easy. The summer was just such a disaster and I wasn't able to take any time for myself. I'm doing a little more of that now. I just came back from a scrapbooking weekend at Kalahari. I haven't been scrapbooking much lately and it was desperately needed to get myself kicked into motion. ANY motion was better than what I was accomplishing by myself. (Which was nada.) I am 2 years behind instead of 1. I am trying to look on the bright side: 1.) I am still scrapping seasonally (Which brings me joy. I LOVE scrapbooking autumn events in the autumn, Christmas in the winter, etc...) AND 2.) I am set up with supplies to get seriously caught up over the winter. (I wasn't scrapping but I was still keeping organized and have some fun events to work on with all the stuff to finish them.) I suspect I was too depressed to work on fun, summer events from 2009 while being "grounded" during the summer of 2010. I think because I waited, my layouts will be a better quality. I don't feel quite as sad as I did before. The help I've been getting has definitely helped. MIL and myself.

We've passed both girls’ birthdays. Neither had a friend party this year but we celebrated with a joint family party in early October. (A friend of mine commented that her girls only have a "friend" party every other year. I thought it sounded like a great idea.) We invited a few close friends to the family party and enjoyed ourselves. Halloween is also finished. The Princess had a class party on Friday (which I was in charge of and was both fun and fast) As a family, we celebrated on Sunday with a potluck gathering of neighbors and some trick or treating. Starting earlier in the day worked out well. Both girls were in bed at a reasonable time. It was cool, but not uncomfortable if you dressed for being outside (which we did). Thanksgiving is approaching and I have a fun/relaxing day planned for that too. I am also polling the family to see what seasonal activities they are looking forward to. Happy Girl wants to go Tobogganing and outdoors Ice Skating. The Princess likes Ice Skating too and wants to "see" Santa (but not sit on his lap). I am interested in going on a wagon ride at Lake Farm Park, catching a local ballet performance, and taking a car trip to see the lights at Blossom. Mr. Happy wants to visit the tree lighting ceremony and is in for tobogganing (provided happy girl and/or friends will ride with him) and the lights. We also have 2 choir concerts to attend and the Princess's Winter Dance recital to watch. The kids have asked to have a cookie baking day. It's a lot to look forward to.

And for now, I am looking forward to it all.

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