Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where in the world is Mrs Happy?

I could say I've been abducted by aliens and couldn't find my way back onto my computer and I wouldn't be completely off topic. Maybe a little crazy? (But that's true also.) I could say I forgot my password to blogspot and that wouldn't be a lie either.

Unfortunately, it's all somewhat true. The Aliens are the children I (allegedly) gave birth to 14 1/2 and 5 1/2 years ago which have all of a sudden developed "social lives". The oldest one has played two sports this year (since last August) and has morphed pschologically into someone that I don't recognize most days as being the sweet little blondie girl that used to hang on me and tell me she loved me ALL. THE. TIME. It's kinda scary to see her in action. She has definate ideas and can't understand why logic would explain why they can't be done the way SHE wants them to be done. Weekly we've had to fight with her to do chores {gasp! The HORROR!} homework, be human or else impose consequences which I've been told "violate her civil rights". (Yes, grounding a 14 year old from her cell phone now is the equivalent of civic abuse not only to her, but to her friends which need to contact her NOW! with the wisdom that only one letter texts can impart. k?) I've been informed that 'in historical times, the slaves always rise up against their abusive masters and overthrow them'. While I've glad she is paying attention in History class, what does this mean, exactly, to her and what kind of a warning is she giving me? (???idunno) Either she will start singing Negro spirituals as she is unloading the dishwasher or I'm going to have to start sleeping with one eye open. Either way it's as scary as what happened to the Gremlins when they were fed after midnight.

The 5 year old has been attending Pre-K this year. 4 days a week we've journey'd to school where she spends 2 1/2 hours with 6 guys, 0 girls, and 1 incredibly awesome teacher. She's learned a lot this year - especially how to play nice with the boys while not giving up on the whole girly girl persona she's been perfecting the last 5 years. She's been able to balance matchbox cars and baby dolls for show N tell without too much disinterest. We've discovered that she thinks she a marvelous magician but that when it comes to Magic tricks - boys are only impressed by the real thing. (And that being laughed at makes her cry.)

4 out of 5 "Happys" had H1n1 last fall. Happy girl managed to get over it in a few days, but Mr. & Mrs. Happy had it consecutively with 103.5 fevers lasting 5 days each. Mr. Happy burned up all his sick time and Mrs. Happy wished she had someone in to cover her sick days when she was finally well enought to crawl the steps and observe the condition of the house. (Not pretty - it ate up another 6 weeks to get caught up on Thanksgiving/Christmas and didn't finally start to feel normal until January/February.) The princess had it worst of all. She ended up having complications from either the virus or allergies that gave her 105 temps for several days straight and several painful ear infections that either developed while on or wouldn't go away after 3 rounds of severe oral antibiotics. It took giving her 3 consecutive days of antibiotic injections to clear up the mess. And that brave girl still went back to see the dr. after 2 weeks and received her flu shot, H1n1 (just in case it really wasn't H1n1),and the rest of her kindergarten shots (4 total) I'm amazed she is still speaking us AND will walk into the dr's office.

And admittedly - I forgot my password to blogspot and was just too fricking exhausted from all of the above to try to recover it. I haven't really been anywhere online and I am just now getting around to changing it. It's not uncommon for me to have 3-400 emails waiting for me to sort (Thanks previous online shopping vendors - I love the 3-4 emails you each send me daily telling me to buy what you think I need.)

It's been a wild and crazy ride the last 10 months. Spring is here and I am extrememly glad that winter and fall are behind us. I don't know what is in store with summer coming up, but hopefully it will be less crazy/chaotic and more recognizable than last fall/winter. Maybe, but somehow I doubt it.

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